We Are Film Student Film Festival

“We Are Film” is a festival made to celebrate the amazing talent of these film students from Northern Ireland. This has been a trying time for all aspects of the film industry, and especially for those new and upcoming practitioners,  from those who are beginning their studies in 2021 right up to those who graduated from courses in 2021. Unable to meet and show their work, “We Are Film” wants to provide a space for these amazing filmmakers to exhibit and show off their work to an audience where they maybe haven’t been able to in the past. We enthusiastically welcome and encourage all students that are from Northern Ireland and studying film (whether studying at home or further field), to submit their work from any genre and any skill level, amazing work can be created with the sun in the sky and a camera in your hand! We look forward to seeing the amazing work being produced by the people of our wee home.

The evening of November 20th is only for guests of the filmmakers so there will be limited spaces. November 21st is open to everyon e from 1-6pm. 
Tickets @EVENTBRITE.CO.UK "We Are Film"
Info http://wearefilmni.com/