Visage: The Face Of Drag By Carrie Davenport

V/I/S/A/G/E is a creative collaboration between Belfast based photographer Carrie Davenport, graphic designer/nightclub promoter Aaron EakinKaizen PrintWishBone Dagger and six of Belfast’s most formidable Drag Queens.

Launching at ArtceteraStudio Studio on Thursday 27th July and exhibiting daily from 11am-5pm until Saturday 5th August, V/I/S/A/G/E comprises of a series of portrait photographs. Each Drag Queen is depicted in both their male and Drag identities, representing the six colours of the rainbow flag. The portraits are rendered on 3D structural canvases which create an optical illusion the viewer can interact with.

Origins of the term Drag are widely disputed, but it’s believed to be an acronym for ‘Dressed Resembling A Girl’, a theatrical term which has been traced back to Shakespearean plays. More than just fun and colourful entertainers, Drag Queens have been at the forefront of the fight for LGBTQ rights, dating back to the Stonewall riots of 1969.

Exhibiting as part of the 2017 Belfast Pride festival, the project’s purpose is to explore, highlight and celebrate an ancient theatrical
art form that has evolved from LGBTQ culture to the mainstream.

RED: Matthew Cavan / Cherrie Ontop
ORANGE: Adam James Renshaw / Rusty Hinges
YELLOW: Marcus Hunter-Neill / Lady Portia Di' Monte
GREEN: Michael Hillman / Misty Falls
BLUE: Joshua Cargill / Blu Hydrangea
VIOLET: Robert McCready / Contessa Titti Von Tramp

V/I/S/A/G/E at Artcetera Studio, 43 Rosemary Street, Belfast.
Launching Thursday 27th July at 7pm. Open late on Thursday 3rd August. Open daily (except Sunday) from 11am-5pm.
Admission free. All welcome.