Unknow skin group exhibition

rtCetera studio is pleased to announce details of its new exhibition called "Unknown Skin" a collaboration by 7 of Northern Ireland's renowned and emerging artists. Working in a range of disciplines from painting, installations and mixed media this vibrant new work will open on Thursday 1st Sept 2016 and will run until the 24th Sept.

Individual Artist Details

Christopher James McGarry

Christopher James McGarry is a Belfast born figurative painter. Having completed a BA Hons in fine art at the university of Gloucestershire . His work often explores the deconstruction of the individual, deals broadly with the themes of identity, sexuality and existential struggle. He was twice been recognised as a featured artist with Saatchi online.

Shannon Duffy

Shannon is a Fine Art Graduate from Liverpool's Hope University (July 2016) and a former member of the Liverpool art collective which featured up and coming artists . Their most recent exhibition “Artegeddon” was in Tate Liverpool which was a combination of art and the importance of Arts in education. “My practice is a response to my Irish identity , history and and the current politics of Belfast.The work focuses on events commonly termed as “the troubles” and the aftermath of the political conflicts. These historical accounts act as starting points for sculptures and installations that employ material as signifier “

Ken Maze

Belfast artist Ken Maze produces drawings, paintings and assemblage art. A self-confessed hoarder and collector of things as they are disregarded and forgotten, these items are re-purposed into a new meaningfull form, a form that take the history, re-invents the memories and gives a renewed vigour to things otherwise promised to landfill or incinerator. It is a second chance, a renewal for the dammed. It is art that reminds us of why objects matter, a rebirth of imagination. His last solo exhibition “lost treasure” was on show at Framework Gallery East Belfast (August 2016)

Stephen McKeown

Stephen is an artist, working in Belfast. Best known as a figurative painter, he draws from memory and personal fiction to create expressive and challenging works. He invents his own world of characters. Often working without reference he passionately refuses to be decorative. Painting with a loose and fierce intensity, he expresses himself by continually deconstructing and reconstructing his figures - a cycle of creation that allows him to interrogate textures and tease meanings. Graduating with a first class honours degree from the Art and Design Faculty at the University of Ulster, Stephen has exhibited across Ireland and the U.K. Stephen won the Royal Ulster Academy's R.U.A. Silver Medal in 2005 - the highest prize for a non-member. Some major exhibitions include :Young Contemporarys -London Solomon Gallery - Dublin Coloured Rain – Belfast Engine Rooms - Belfast)

Gearóid Mac Lochlainn

Gearóid Mac Lochlainn (1966) is Belfast Irish language poet/visual artist . He had two previous solo exhibition (Open House 2013/Cultúrlann Mac Adam Ó Fiach 2014. His work mixes element of concrete poetry , collage calligraphy and visual art using watercolours and ink, his subjects range from local landscape and portrait to exploration of music and mythology.

Sean H Johnstone

Sean H Johnstone (1979, South Derry / Londonrerry) takes a multi-disciplinary approach to creating and making art. This equally represents his love of creating art and his ability to draw from his experience in life. His work is informed by people, music, literature, spirituality and his deep love for the city he's living in. He is described as a fixer of situation , communications of material and much more

Andrew Train

Andrew is an artist who uses various mediums in his work.
He recently exhibited in a summer group show in studio 11,
displaying abstract paintings. He works as tattooist( Giraffe Stairs Tattoos) in the
heart of belfast using his linear marks with bold colours
to create his own style of body art.
He will be showcasing a collection of detailed illustrations
that will bring the viewer closer to the image and to discover
the hidden messages that lie within.

Finally this exhibition is a celebration of the diversity of the homegrown participating artist's whose background urban & and rural reflects a rich array of techniques used and art forms.

Exhibition opening september 1 7pm till 10 pm
The show is running untill September 24th.

All welcome.