The people of Belfast exhibition launch

The People of Belfast

A thought-provoking, solo portrait exhibition by Frans Gertenbach bringing to life the faces that often fade into the background of the Belfast hustle and bustle.
“The People of Belfast exhibition depicts faces from around our city. Faces we pass, faces we ignore, and faces we sometimes acknowledge. I aim to bring those faces to centre stage so they can’t be ignored but instead they can be stared at and provide a space for you to wonder and imagine the life behind the face”

Frans Gertenbach is a South African artist based in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland. His portraits are a display of his passion and creativity inspired by the people that he knows.
Gertenbach graduated from Ruth Prowse School of Art, Woodstock Cape Town, in 2005. Since then he went on a journey of self-discovery and self-learning to develop his own style and method. His work is influenced by Nano Reid, Gauguin, Hockney and Lucian Freud amongst others. Much of his influence also comes from the spontaneity of children’s art. Painting is an exhibition of his passion that is brought to life by his hallmark use of colours to express symbolism, communicate emotion and mood, and in so doing, delighting the viewer's imagination to run wild with interpretation.

The exhibition is in partnership with The Welcome Centre .  and will run from 27 August until 26 September. Donations welcome. 

Government Covid 19 guidelines will be followed. Only 30 people were allowed at one time. Enjoy the art and a glass of wine, stay safe.
Open Mon-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 12-5pm and closed Sun. All welcome.