Rag Tree a Two Channel Video/Audio Installation by √Čanna Mac Cana

Rag Tree a Two Channel Video/Audio Installation Exhibition

During the summer of 2017 Éanna Mac Cana was diagnosed with a serious illness which led to intense hospital treatment. After being discharged from hospital he began to make and exhibit work in response to this.
Mac Cana’s work takes shape in themes of mortality, faith, loss and superstition rooted in old Irish traditions and family history. ‘Rag tree’ is a continuation of Mac Cana’s probing of these fragile ideas, a two channel
video/audio exhibition are interlinked and fractured by the memories, nightmares of hospital and the imagined realities that begin to emerge. 

Show on display from 1st until 6th April. 
Open also for LNAB 4th April until 9pm.  All welcome.