My right shoulder exhibition by Solimar

ArtCetera Studio will be open this Thursday for Late Night Art Belfast.
The concept behind Solimar’s exhibition, ‘My Right Shoulder’ (Meu Ombro Direito) is rooted in her longstanding battles with her body, which have inspired her art and impeded her capacity to produce art. After decades of chronic pain, treatments and surgeries, she’s exploring the significance of joints, particularly of shoulders. Solimar unveils her shoulder and, relying on her background in linguistics, surveys the ‘shoulder’: its roots, forms, translations, figurative meaning. Shoulder, ombro, scapula, omos (English, Portuguese, Latin, Greek) denote the same body part, but they are similar in their connotation too: a place of comfort. Comfort/support are delivered through the shoulders amid sadness, tiredness, defeat, confidence, security. Solimar’s shoulders carried her children, her books, her volleyball, her paintings, her sorrows, sadness, and victories. She cried on others’ shoulders, carried their burdens and her own. And, on a lighter note, she laid across her lovers’ shoulder.
The exhibition will run until 7th November. All welcome.