“MASKs” will open next Friday

Few words From Kingsroad Studios, Belfast

This exhibition is about a lot of things. For us, this is the first time working on such a large project together, our first solo show. We have always been fascinated by masks and what they can portray. There is a mystic about them regardless of their use. Masks are worn to celebrate, to threaten, to protect. They are part of rituals and ceremonies and have been used for centuries by many people around the world. A mask can also be invisible, worn to hide our feelings and mental health. Recently, due to the pandemic, masks have been part of our daily vocabulary and attire. Masks are fascinating. For this expo, we decided to include a range of raw materials and techniques to represent the diversity of mask making. Leather, bark, iron powder, suede, beads, Jesmonite, resins and acrylic paint were used in the process.

Each mask was designed and made by us, each piece has been decorated and finished by hand. The original forms that the moulds were made from were sculpted individually using papier mâché and palm leaves amongst other things. We have used recycled leather and suede and have worked with other materials to add an ancient feel to certain masks. Some of the pieces have been hand painted in acrylic from our original mandala designs, some include thousands of beads. Influences Inuit carved designs used as glare reducing eye masks. African and American beaded craft wares. Tribal artwork from many cultures around the world. Patterns from the insect world, and those that use mimicry as an intimidation tactic.

We hope you enjoy our work!

About us

Kingsroad Studios is a creative enterprise venture established by husband and wife team Chris and Laurence Burrell. They have both gained extensive experience throughout the last 30 years in the various disciplines of Art and Design. Chris has worked on many design projects in the past, including being involved in making set and hand props for the film and tv industry. Laurence is a jewellery maker and was co-owner of the cultural gift shop The Wicker Man in Belfast.

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Launch Thursday 24th March 6-9pm |The exhibition will run from Thursday 24th March to Friday 1st April. Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm and Sat 12-4pm.

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