From the Unknown Photographic exhibition y Safa Sharif

‘From the Unknown’ is a photographic exhibition by Safa Sharif, the show features 27 B&W photographs.  
 ‘From the Unknown’ is an account of the photographer’s travels and experiences, conveyed in an abstract format. In her work, Safa delves into geometry and architecture, focusing on the relationship between light and darkness. Most of her pieces are photographed in isolation from their surroundings, a complete contradiction to the reality that we all experience these spaces. The subject of each photograph varies in materiality, use, volume and location, while a selected few focus on architecture and human scale. The exhibition features 27 photographs dating from 2016 to 2019. 
This is Safa’s first exhibition, showcasing her photography. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, and a postgraduate in Urban Design, she began to pursue a passion in photography. Safa studied in London, Oxford and currently Belfast; where she is due to complete a Master of Architecture at Queen’s University in 2020. the show will run until 2nd May.

"All proceed from the exhibition will go to "FEED YEMEN PROJECT 2019" with ISRA-UK a charity that focuses on providing aid to impoverished and suffering communities across the As the poorest country in the Middle East, Yemen’s situation has only deteriorated since clashes and airstrikes began in 2015. The crisis has caused the death of over 6700, a further 33000 left injured and an estimate of 3 million people displaced without access to safe drinking water and food supplies. 

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