FACES AND PLACES a conversation with Bernard Lesaing

We are delighted to welcome French photographer Bernard Lesaing to present a short video of his work "Faces and Places" Northern Ireland 1975-2020. Due to Covid Bernard was unable to attend the opening of his exhibition last year at the Ulster Museum. More than twenty years after the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, that ended the Troubles and as the implementation of the Brexit puts Northern Ireland back in the spotlight, Bernard Lesaing takes a fresh look at the recent history of this vulnerable territory. Scenes of daily life taken in the 1970s, at the heart of the conflict, are juxtaposed with those of Northern Ireland today, which are supported by a series of twenty portraits. This project invites you to follow the photograph on the road to reconciliation, by following the black and white narrative thread. Texts by academics and testimonies of local actors bring a complementary light. The whole contributes to the emergence of a new representation of Northern Ireland, to reveal the vitality of its inhabitants, the plurality of their experiences and the persistence of hope in the face of adversity. As a photojournalist, Bernard has produced extensive reports on regional and international subjects. Author of numerous books and winner of several awards, he offers a dialogue on his experience as a photographer and on current events in Northern Ireland.

Starts at 7pm with wine and nibbles, 7.30pm video projection followed by a Q&A. All welcome.