Fabricated Memories - Exhibition/Wystawa PCW 2018

Anna Sikora is a third year student of painting at the Belfast School of Arts. She has been a participant of several collective student exhibitions and individual exhibition of drawing, graphics and painting in Radom in 2003. She works mainly on canvas, uses various techniques when creating her work, including surface colouring, removing paint using solvents and pallet knives. Inspired by the work of the artist Hughie O'Donoghue, she added photo transfer to her techniques. Over the years, the multi-layered narrative of memories, reflections and techniques have become central to her work. "Fabricated Memories" exhibition is a series of works in which she recreates familiar elements of his family home, a fabric that remembers and preserves memories that evoke. The stories that are restored from her memory are faded and indistinct. This is what she tries to show on canvas through painting, creating and destroying. Her works are established in history, past and long lost memories and they combine figurative painting and abstraction. All welcome.