Enshrine Students group exhibition

The word "Enshrine" in definition means to hold certain traditions or ideas in reverence. With this in mind, we four art students have used this to express our different perspectives upon what we all " Enshrine" in our society.
Micheal Sparkes uses this to express his perspective on the Broad Spectrum of Irish culture. Sarah Savage depicts the land as she would imagine it to look like in foreign countries and fantasy lands. Rachel Robinson expresses with gender and she depicts the female form in ways to show an audience that this imagery should be more common and not censored and finally Reice Crockard uses portraits of religious figures and other expressive portraits to demonstrate a personal journey with his beliefs.
This art shows purpose is to show all of our views in our own ways and to exit the 'Echo chamber' politics of our generation and expand our own knowledge with the view points of others and each other as we all are from different backgrounds.)

Exbition launch Wednesday 7 December 6pm till 10 pm