Comedy at the Gallery

Comedy at the Gallery is special night of Stand up Comedy, Sketch Comedy, Art Exhibition and  also did we mention that...
THIS IS A PAY-WHAT-YOU-FEEL-IT'S-WORTH EVENT. However, if you preorder your ticket on eventbrite for a scant £2, you secure a seat and Its BRING YOUR OWN!! 

What else do you need to know nothing in my opinion but here is little on some of our performers

Stand up Comedy with 
Donny Kingston 

Donny Kingston appeared on the Belfast comedy scene four years ago and since then has performed in Derry to Dublin  delivering his charming yet dark comedy. Donny finds the funny in a smattering of topics such as America, Race and Jacob Rees Mogg.

Sketch Comedy with 
Rov Liddle 

Mr Liddle created his unique style of sketch comedy on the Glasgow comedy scene. Presumed dead for four years, he re-emerges in this new decade a figure of mystery and intrigue, quite happy to cook a big laugh in your belly with his kind and attractive friends.

Art Exhibition with 
Conor McGinley

The 37-year-old satanist has been travelling Ireland exploring the secret and taboo Fetish/BDSM scene for 4 years. His paintings are all inspired by the idea of people enjoying themselves, the bright pink and green is playful and makes even quite extreme images look more approachable. His aims have been to reflect the sense of fun people have when they play, which especially for outsiders doesn’t necessarily always come across in traditional BDSM photography.