Andrew Train Art Exhibition Opening night

ArtCetera Studio is delighted to host Andew Train solo exhibition

Andrew Train has been a prominent and established artist in Belfast for over 10 years.
Emerging on the scene as a progressive abstract artist, inspired and influenced by contemporaries such as Francis Bacon,
Lucian Freud, Andy Warhol and Picasso.
His progression into the tattoo craft evolutionised his art. Creating focused, poignant pieces of work and developing his illustrative style.
Whilst cultivating this series Train identified a minimalist style and witnessed his work flourish.
Inspired by photographic exposure techniques Train creates a multi temporal view, unlike a single photograph it offers more than just ONE captured moment. The collection itself emotes the complexity and profoundness of a life journey. Evoking a passage of time.
Building an image is like taking a journey into the unknown, only to learn to let go of the fear of something new and to instead, embrace its teachings - Andrew Train.

Opening Thursday Late Night Art Belfast - 5th October . 6-9pm .
The show will run till 13th October

All welcome