‘27121995’ Exhibition by Ekaterina Ivanova

‘27121995’ Exhibition by Ekaterina Ivanova

Few words from the Artist,

I’m a Bulgarian artist recently graduated the MA in Creative Practice in Centre
for Creative Arts and Media, Galway.
I have dedicated the last year of my practice to explore the idea of the
opposites such as man/woman, black/white, past/future, physical/spiritual,
harmony/chaos, and the links between them. Another concept that is incorporated
in my work refers to the meaning of numbers, their power in people’s lives, and
the sacred connection between art and mathematics. I rely on well known
mathematical postulates to help me build more harmonic images.
There is a hidden background behind every one of my pieces – a personal
story, understanding of a particular topic or the world in general. I depict a majority of
exquisite details, hidden symbolic signs, and elements, bound in a complex
multilayered ‘map’ that should lead you to your own version of the untold story.

‘27121995’ Exhibition

I’ve always been interested in numbers, geometry, numerology, ratios, and symbols.
Maths has always been an inspiration for my art process.
I am exploring ideas around how basic geometry, Pythagorean numerology, the
Golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence and all of the other well-known symbols, such as the DNA
chain, or the ECG line. Furthermore, I'm asking myself could they merge into one
homogeneous whole to create a new mysterious reality.
In my modest attempt to come closer to the universal laws of beauty, harmony, and
existence, I’m and sometimes adding a pinch of humour, or maybe tragedy. I’m
amalgamating variations of these methodologies and creating tens of different visual results
through a game of proportions.
I also look at the dualities (such as man/woman, day/night, expectations/reality,
birth/death, etc.) which have always been an endless source of inspiration for me. I inspect
and deconstruct them, take them out of context, take them through various complex
processes, in order for them to acquire a unified and simple meaning. The goal of this entire
undertaking is the process itself.

This exhibition will open Thursday 1 December 6-9pm, part of Late Night Art Belfast and will run until10th December

All welcome.